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Is This Approach Right for me?


In addition to the information stated in the "My Approach" section, there are a couple of other points to consider before scheduling an appointment. First, you should have already been examined by a physician to rule out potentially serious physical causes for your pain, such as cancer, bone fractures, and heart and vascular diseases.  Second, you need to be aware that while the approach I use can be highly successful, it does not work with everyone and there are no guarantees it will cure your chronic pain.  For those who do benefit, progress can be slow at times.  Clients who benefit the most from this approach are those who believe their pain is due to TMS/Mind-Body Syndrome, are open to exploring emotional content in therapy, and are willing to engage in homework in between sessions.




I offer both individual and small group counseling. Individual sessions are typically 90-minutes and occur bi-weekly.  Once people begin to feel better, sessions are reduced to 50-minutes every 3-4 weeks until treatment is discontinued.  I use a number of therapeutic approaches in individual counseling sessions, but the focus is often on emotional content as described earlier.  Small group sessions are 90-minutes per week.  These sessions combine emotional work with mindfulness-based activities and psychoeducation.  

Clinical Supervision

I offer clinical supervision to practicing clinicians using the "Constructive" approach that he developed.  Clinical supervision can occur in person or remotely.  More information about my approach to clinical supervision can be found by reading my book Constructive Clinical Supervision in Counseling and Psychotherapy.  


Fees and Payment


I do not accept insurance, but clients may be able to pay with Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Spending Accounts.  You should check with your insurance company about possible reimbursement for"out of network providers."   Payment is due at the conclusion of each appointment.  Fees for individual counseling are $165 for a 50-minute session. 

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